Rose In Good Faith presents the Plastic Soul, an evolution of the house's point of view.

An elegant and effortless fabrication,

made from recycled,

unused sex toys, provided by Doc Johnson.

The Plastic Soul by Rose In Good Faith evokes the energy of sustainability, sexual freedom, and purpose.

A dialed-in fit, 

featuring a raised arch for

support and all-day comfort.

A playful, new approach to sustainability and footwear.

The natural cork Insole molds
to the shape of your foot for even more comfort and

anti-microbial properties.


Well... maybe stop being so selfish and enjoy a comfortable AF shoe that looks incredible and feels even better, while up-cycling unused TPE / Elastomer materials that would have wound up in a landfill.

F*ck it, we even built-in arch support and added an insole from natural cork, then lined it with organic cotton for even more comfort.

Unless you're a monster and want to keep buying shoes made for pennies off the back of low-income laborers, virtue signal with a genial smile when they ask you "wait.. made from what now?!"